By Angela Holland

I wrote this poem sitting in my kid’s school parking lot. I was crying because I had found out that my husband was going to need open heart surgery due to a congenital heart defect. This was after our family had experienced many trials.

At first, our thoughts were, “Really?!” I wrote this as my proclamation and an example of my resolve. I was telling myself the poem below, and those watching our story in shock and disbelief that this is where I stand.

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My face is like a flint,

Looking through the tears,

Looking through the storm.


Through the years I’ve been

Pressed, pushed down, and torn, 

But I will not look away. 


No matter how the things of this world

Try to pull my gaze from my Source.

I will look to the one and only true God, Jesus my Lord. 

He is the Author and He alone will finish my faith.


No one else gets to

Write my story. 

He is my Lord.

The enemy has not won.

The battle isn’t over.

But the victory is already won. 

I will praise him through the tears.

I will praise him through the storm. 

He will bring hallelujahs out of the tears,

And out of the storm.